Friday, 2 April 2010

Blackberry vs iPhone!

   Blackberry Storm 2  VS  iPhone 3Gs

    Did you notice, recently? The culture of one having either blackberry or iPhone is growing in Malaysia. I've seen this culture in Singapore, but Malaysians too taking in this trend nowadays. I think this is happening because of the plans the telecommunication companies are offering. No doubt, the packages offered are affordable and reasonable. But, do we really need that kind of expensive phones in our life? This is the question we all have to ask to ourselves. Is it really necessary for a school kid to own a blackberry or iPhone? Mobile phones are created for the purpose of connecting people in distance places back then. But now, as the technology grows more advanced, we use mobiles for internet surfing, music purposes, and etc. It has its pros and cons. I'm not saying it is wrong to own one of these high tech stuff. I'll let you do the thinking. Think and spend wisely! :D

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