Sunday, 18 April 2010

Seb On Pole Position for the 3rd Time! :D

Woohoo! People! You all must, MUST, watch tomorrow's Chinese GP, starting 3pm, Malaysian time (Shanghai time is similar to our time, actually. Lolz.)!!! Let's support the great team , RedBull Racing GP. Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber, superb drivers. Unlike some losers, LH and JB. Duhhh.

   Hate McLaren for the only team using the F-duct. They call it the "f-ing duct". Ahahax. XD! But, still, they lost to teams which doesn't apply the F-duct system to their cars. Without great driving skills, they are not gonna win. Actually, at first, I was kinda worried, that in the Chinese circuit, McLaren would have an advantage of having F-duct and there are 2 straight lines at the circuit, that could enable McLaren to outdo the rest. But, apparently in the Q3 Qualifying Race, their cars started to lose the pace, becoming unstable.

   Let me explain what I know about the F-duct system. Googled it and found something that I could understand. The F-duct, is the system that could add more air dynamics to the car (through the rear wing), thus producing more grip of the car to the ground, reducing drag, which results in an increase of the top speed! The inlet opening could be controlled by the driver, and the inlet goes through the cockpit around the driver's leg. More accurate info :

   Other teams, including RBR is still designing and producing that system for their car, but I don't see there is a need for such things. The car is already fast, in my opinion. Okay, enough of these aerodynamics stuff, I'm not going to be an engineer anyways. But, I do love Physics. :D

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