Friday, 21 January 2011

The BEST study week ever! =D

I've had the most exciting study week ever! (Despite of the few crappy-stressful days in the beginning. Zzzz. Erase that from my mind! =S) Today, again, I was in Waziria, studying, for the last time in Sem 2. TWO more days to go, until the REAL exam comes. Haaaaaaaaaaaa. =S

   I don't really know how to describe the excitement studying with my whole bunch of friends this whole week, but the most important point is I HAD FUN STUDYING IN A GROUP! =D Studying alone is sooooooo BORING! Duhhhh. :P

   Thank you, friends. I had fun studying with you all. I'll surely miss these kinda moments later. Sob Sob. Anyway. GOOD LUCK in the finals. Insya-Allah, we'll do well! AMIN. =DDD

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