Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Ouh Ouh! Haha. =P

Okay. That title was random!

   Tomorrow's Physics. I don't know what more to read or revise on. I've finished all the questions. So, there are none left for me to do anymore. I'm out of exercises. Hurm. So.... I don't know what more should I read on. Heh? I'm BORED! #.#

   Frankly speaking, my mind is already off, on its way back to KL. Friday is just 2 days away, and I'm going HOME! Weeee. Can't wait to pack my stuffs. Hehe. Owh, speaking of that, I'll be bringing back almost all of my clothes, because I'm gonna stay in KL for about 3 weeks. I'm sure I'll be carrying MORE THAN TWO luggages. Huhu. My brother is getting married on the 15th of February in Kelantan and I'll only be back in Penang on the 16th. Heeee. It's gonna be a superb loooooong holiday for me. Weeeeeeee! (I'll be skipping a few days' classes! Just for this once, okie? Hehe. :P)

   Owh yeah, I've been having this headache since Sunday morning up to now. So, I guess something is wrong, somewhere, in some part of my brain. Haha. Though, it's not that serious anymore now, compared to the past few days. Most probably, it's because my eye-sight is getting worst. The degree of my eyes' power is increasing. Maybe because I seldom put on my glasses to read on stuffs, and I strain my eyes to look at distant objects. Hehe. Don't blame me, I just HATE wearing my spectacles. It's so so so uncomfortable! Duhhh. :P

P/S : My heart is missing something. I hope it'll fade soon. A.S.A.P.! Don't distract my focus on the exams, please? Thanks. :)

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