Tuesday, 18 January 2011


Okay. Okay. I've learnt something from this situation. Thank you Allah for giving me this test. I've at least learnt something from it. Thus, everything happened for a reason, or maybe for many reasons. There are hikmahs behind every hardship we go through. So, Alhamdulillah. =) I'm fine. I'm not that stressed out anymore. Thanks to the people around me for giving me some moral support. I appreciate it much. =D

   After getting out from my room, having a short walk around the area, breathing in fresh air, talking to someone about my problems =), and clearing the tensions off my chest, I feel more relaxed. But now, I still have to work my ass off REVISING. Insya-Allah everything will turn out to be well. I hope so. AMIN. =)

   Now, I'll scrape off my study time table which I've planned out last week, just to allow changes in my study plans. Hurm. For my friends perhaps. I don't know. Anyway. I am sincere in helping friends in their studies okay? I don't wish for anything at all. I'll just take the process as another process of learning. Sorry friends, I've been kinda selfish yesterday. You have to understand the pressure I have in my head, okay? So sorry. =S

P/S : I wonder when am I gonna be more competent in handling stress alone? Duhhh. I have this issue handling stress since form 4. Haha. So sorry if I've burden anyone with my never ending problematic stress issues. Hehe. :)

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