Monday, 10 January 2011

SEM 2 FINAL EXAMINATION. 2 more weeks. =S


   This week is going to mark the end of academic week of Semester 2. I'm overwhelmed by how fast has time flown. I've just started to "LOVE", to actually LOVE this place, love my friends here. Afterall, this place isn't that bad at all, despite of the extremely HOT weather! Hehehe. :P (Bersyukur lah sket! Adoi.)

   Can't wait for the exam to be over! Haaa. It's not that I'm over-confident of myself, I just dislike waiting for big big stuff to happen. I HATE WAITING! (Tak boley sabar ke huh?!) I hate to worry so much about stuff. I'll freak out! Duhhh. Insya-Allah, hope everything goes well in these 3 weeks. AMIN. Good luck to both Pre-Meds and PASUM-ians. We will be sharing the same week of exam! Weee. :D

I'll pray for your success, and I hope you too will pray for mine. Thanks. =D
Assalamualaikum. =)

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