Sunday, 9 January 2011

Ya Allah.

Astaghfirullah. Oh Allah, please give me some strength. Please??? I need much of that to live life free of tensions and stress. So, right now. I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeddd SOME STRENGTH! ='(((

   Argh! Why am I acting like a kid!? Grow up Aisha! Grow up! Think maturely, be OPTIMISTIC! =.=

P/S : Dah janji tak nak emo, tpi I can't hold back these tears. ='(


Anonymous said...

are u okay Aisha?

1st thing 1st ok?
just let go other stuffs.
study is much more important for this mean time.

i know u can cope with whatever u're facing right now. u're a strong lady :)

-someone who cares about u.

iCeY 'AiShA said...

I'm fine.
Just dealing with something lately.
Insya-Allah, I'll be fine in these few days' time. Insya-Allah. :)
Thanks btw. :D