Friday, 7 January 2011

The thing I HATE the MOST!!!

People JUDGING me! Duhhh.

   I'm not gonna talk about what people had said about me, it'll just add to my tension. So, I'll just leave it to them to say whatever they like to! Duhhh. Nobody's PERFECT!!!

   Yes, of course I'm pissed off! This has not been only a few days, or a few weeks, it had been going on for months. And now, I'm really really really pissed off! Maybe I've been patient all this while, keeping silence after hearing those judgement made on me, but now, right now, I can't really seem to hold back my anger any longer! Argh.

   I HATE PEOPLE JUDGING ME! Why do you need to judge people so much? The main reason is because you dislike the way people are, because they are not the same as you? And you can't accept the fact that sometimes the difference are so huge! So, what do you expect? Everyone to have the same personality as you, and that is what you call as "NORMAL"??? Duhhh. That's just plain CRAP! Nobody can have the same life, the same experience, the same idea, the same everyday life! So, nobody could understand me well enough, to even judge me! So, just back off! I hate these kinda people.

   Yeah, maybe sometimes or most of the time I'm not doing the right thing, but do you have to show me what I should really do, your way, and force me into it??? No! I appreciate advices very much, but not INSTRUCTIONS! I am big and matured enough to think of what's good and what's bad for every action I've made and I'll make. You are not my dad nor you are my mum. So, stop it! Fine???!

   This entry is very general, and I'm not directing it specifically to anyone. It's to everyone whom may had judge me and back-bite about me. So, think about what you've done, kids! It annoys me much! =.=

P/S : This is blogged based on my current anger, that I couldn't express elsewhere. So, I figured out to write, as the best way to release it all AWAY! =S! I'll chill. Don't worry much.


Afiqah Azman said...

hello..are you okay??

iCeY 'AiShA said...

I'm okay. Just rasa nk release geram kt sini. Tu jee.

Saiyidatul Amirah Mukhtar said...

huhu.. just ignore them babe :)

iCeY 'AiShA said...

Tried to ignore them. Still trying. =)