Monday, 31 January 2011

Home and Bored. Hurm. =/

Yeah. I do MISS home. But, that does not mean that I have to stay home the entire week and not go out! Duhhh. I have a good life, yeah, good family, but sometimes my parents are being over-protective. Argh. I am going to be 19 this year, and I wonder, when am I going to be given a little more freedom? Owh pleaseeeeee. =S

   Am I going to be staying at home this entire 3 weeks? Gosh. No way!!! I miss KL too. Sob Sob.

   Boredom surrounds me these few days. My Facebook wall keeps being updated and I'm sure the "length of my wall" will be more than 10meters by the end of the week. It will be that longggggggggg. Ahaha. xD

   Thinking of cleaning up my room, but hurm. Nah... Nevermind. It's UNCLEAN-ABLE. Haha. I wanted to do some gardening, but, the rain kept pouring down non-stop. It's freaking cold dude. And, I'd thought of going for a jog, but I left my sport shoes in Penang. Great! Duhhh. Swimming? I left my swimsuit in Penang too. AHA! Ice-skating? I'm not allowed to go out, remember?! What else could I do at home, apart from fb-ing and watching those lameeee shows on TV? Duhhh. Suggestions please?

   I do not like being too free. I wish I had something to do, like homeworks or tutorials? Haha. I miss those school days back then. I love being busy and busy has always been in my life since primary school. You know, how Chinese school shower the pupils with homeworks everyday. Yeah. I'm so used of being busy. And now, not having a single thing to do is killing me. Aishhh. =.='''

   I'm preparing bits for the Irish University interview, later in March. But, that couldn't fill my whole week, could it? Ireland. Ireland. Ireland. You are freaking me out with that Irish accent dude. Gosh. Hope the panels won't have that deep accent of Irish. And I hope I won't freak out that time around. Wuwuwuwuwu. =S

P/S : Gimme something peeps. Please, I'm begging. I'm BORED! =O

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