Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Yeah, it's WEDNESDAY! =S

Today is WEDNESDAY! OMG. 5 more days left to study for finals. I'm so so so gonna be.....zzzzzzzzz! Haha. You know what? I feel like getting in my bed right now, resting for the whole day and resuming my revisions tomorrow. BUT. Unfortunately, I could not afford to lose even 1 hour in a day, because this time around, the exams are tougher, much much more tougher than the finals in Sem 1. =S

   And, who says Pre-Med is an easy course??? It's NOT! Argh.

   Anyway. I hate it when someone who doesn't understand what I'm going through in my life, interferes and try to judge me. I hate being judged! I just hate it. So, please stop it once again. I know myself best, so let me be MYSELF! Duhhh.


teen nabila said...

just smile :)

ignore what people say. let them be because they worth nothing ;)

iCeY 'AiShA said...

Hee. Thanks. =)))