Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Exhausted. Satisfied. Inspiring.

This week had been tiring so far! Arghhhhhhhh. =.='''

   Finals are just 2 weeks away, I'm officially STRESSED OUT to the MAX! Surrounded by assignments, revisions to be done, and etc etc etc. I'm freaking exhausted lah weh! Feeling restless. Today was super-tiring, I don't know why. =(

   Did my speaking test with Mr. B in the morning, and thank God it was satisfying. He gave me good feedbacks. Thanks Mr. B! I'll keep it up. =) And today I met a very very inspiring doctor at the clinic. He gave us some good advice on our future of being a good and TOUGH medical practitioner. Insya-Allah, I'll pick those advice up and apply it in the future doc! I don't want to just be a doctor with a "Dr." in front of my name, I want to be a good and responsible doctor in the future. Insya-Allah. Amin. ;)

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