Friday, 7 January 2011

Duhhh. =(

I'm super-duper-truper tired! *is there such word as truper?* Haha. Whatever!!! There are extra classes tomorrow, and I'm sure I'll be EXTRA tired. Aishhh. =.=

   Stressed out!!! Arghhhhh. This whole week, I've been sleeping early and for long hours, but non of it was a REM sleep, unfortunately! This is one of the signs of stress faced by a person, less REM hours and less dreams. Duhhh. I've tried a lot of things to avoid over-sleeping, but non did worked out well! Caffeines don't work anymore, as I've drank too much of it for the past months and my caffeine tolerance has increased ever since. Haaa.

   Never mind. I better get some good rest, before those HECTIC, RESTLESS week of exam nights start in 2 weeks' time! Okay. I need to get some rest right now. Class starts early tomorrow. Good luck and goodnight, peeps! Wish me a whole lotta luck! ;)

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