Saturday, 1 January 2011

Psycho. =S

I'm currently revising for my HBP test next Wednesday (Human Behaviour & Psychology). As I read on, I'm turning Psycho dude. A lot to memorize. Well, I can actually just understand it instead of memorizing all of it. But, I'm not the pink of health. ='(

   Flu and cough have somehow managed to find a way to get me infected. Awesome isn't it? HBP test and Physics testS are down the road. But, I am stubborn, I REFUSE to take any medicine. Let it cure naturally. Bad future Doctor huh?! I hate to swallow down pills and stuffs. Mainly because, I CAN'T SWALLOW DOWN PILLS! Ahaha. xP Want to know how pills get down into my throat?? I CHEW THEM! Haaaaa. Yucks! It's freaking bitter and yuckish! Haha. But, that's the only way to get pills down my throat dude. Haaa! :P

   I just am not in a very good condition right now. I have this mixed up kinda feeling and I really feel unimportant to the people around me. I don't see any importance of my existence anymore. Hurm. I need to go for a counselling. Duhhh. =S

   May Allah be always with me, through the hardship and sweetness of life in these coming years. Insya-Allah. =)


Anonymous said...

aisha, me too sometimes feel unimportant. if i feel that way, i will withdraw myself for a moment, to think every single thing wisely. just recall good moments, and try to think positive. i know sometimes it's hard to work, but we dont know if we never give a try, kan? ;)

dont feel that way. everyone is precious n so do u.

-Harishah Halim

iCeY 'AiShA said...

Hurmmm. Okay. I'm trying to find myself. I'm lost. Perhaps, I just need some space to be alone and as time goes by, I'll be fine. :)
Thx, Harishah. ;)